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Make Climate-Related Change Happen

June 15, 2017

America was founded by people standing up for what they believe in, and that characteristic continues to define us today. So even though there were many heavy hearts on June 1st when the President pulled America out of the Paris Climate Accord, there are reasons to be hopeful. State and city governments, private companies and…  Read the entire post »

Take it From Nate

June 13, 2017

I’m not going to lie, investing in solar is a big deal and it makes some people nervous. What if it doesn’t pay for itself? What if my system doesn’t produce the energy I expected? Rest assured solar from New England Clean Energy is risk-free. Our 20-year Workmanship Warranty and Performance Warranty, along with equipment…  Read the entire post »

Investing in Future Leaders of the Green Economy

June 7, 2017

When I started New England Clean Energy 11 years ago, I was thinking of the future of my kids and the future of the planet they would inherit. At the time, I didn’t know how hard saving the planet would be. One lesson I’ve learned since then is that we need to develop future leaders…  Read the entire post »

Solder on the Aesthetics of Solar

May 31, 2017

Do you think solar is ugly? Maybe you’re hesitating to put solar on your home for fear it will be unattractive. Or maybe, like me, you think solar is sleek and stylish. Whatever your views, if you’re a Pats fan, you might care what Nate Solder has to say on the matter. In Episode 2…  Read the entire post »

Solar for Manufacturing Companies

May 25, 2017

If you run a manufacturing operation and someone said you could power 80% of your manufacturing, warehousing, and administrative operations with energy you produced on-site, would you listen? If someone said, here’s an easy way to introduce a new revenue stream and increase your profits, and oh by the way, it’s green, would you sit up…  Read the entire post »

Go Solar Like Nate and Save Like Solder

May 16, 2017

The New England Patriots, Nate Solder, solar energy, and giving to cancer research. What’s not to love? Of course, if you’re outside New England, you might not love the first, but I’m talking to people in our region with this post. 🙂 If you don’t know much about Nate Solder, let me introduce you to…  Read the entire post »

Be Cool – Install an Awning!

May 12, 2017

If you’ve been reading this week’s blog series on Ductless Mini-Splits, I hope you’re convinced Mini-Splits are the way to go. But maybe they’re just not right for you due to timing, needs or money. There are other ways you can decrease your home’s cooling requirements to save money, help the Earth and be more…  Read the entire post »

Ductless Mini-Split Efficiency

May 11, 2017

(This is the third in a series of three mini-split articles I’m posting this week.) I conclude my series on Ductless Mini-Splits with a quick word on efficiency. It’s the high efficiency of Mini-Splits that helps the planet — you’re using less power to cool your home. And if you power your Mini-Splits with solar,…  Read the entire post »

What Mini-Splits Look Like in Your Home

May 10, 2017

(This is the second in a series of three mini-split articles I’m posting this week.) My last post covered how ductless mini-split cooling (and heating) systems can eliminate the annual A/C installation nightmare. But what do these systems look like in your home, you ask? Indoor Here are a couple of pictures of “indoor units”…  Read the entire post »

Why Mini-Splits Are All the Rage

May 9, 2017

(This is the first in a series of three mini-split articles I’m posting this week.) Spring is in the air, and air-conditioning season is fast approaching. As our climate continues to heat up, air-conditioning becomes more and more important. Do you dread the annual A/C installation ritual? If you’re like many people, you do. In…  Read the entire post »