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Residential Solar Products & Services

New England Clean Energy Residential Products & Services

Save money, make your house more comfortable, and assert your energy independence, all while helping the planet. Talk to us about renewable energy and energy-efficient products for your home.

oneSolar Electric

Who doesn’t want solar? It saves you money, it pays for itself, and—with New England Clean
Energy—it’s guaranteed.

twoSolar Attic Fans

Reduce your home cooling costs and make it bearable to go in your attic during the dog days of summer! (Installed only in conjunction with solar electric systems.)

threeSolar Heating & Cooling

Turn your non-living room into a living room again! Fix hot or cold spots with one small, sleek system that heats and cools your home. Best of all, it can be powered by your solar electric system.

fourSolar Storage

Sorry, battery storage systems for solar aren’t ready for prime time in terms of price, availability, battery size, and life. But we love the concept. In fact, we’ve installed these systems but they are cost-prohibitive for most. Watch this space.

fiveSolar Services

Even if we didn’t install your solar system, we can service it. We’re right down the street if your system needs maintenance or repairs–not that it will very often since solar is so reliable. We can also value your solar in preparation for selling your home.


IMG_1223_800x600_qwr“I looked around at various companies, and am very glad to say New England Clean Energy did an outstanding job, and I am convinced I made a very good choice. You always have some apprehension making such an important decision, but this company from the sales presentation to installation was simply the best. These guys know what they are doing plain and simple! If you’re thinking solar, you must talk to them.”

—Robert Quadagno of Worcester, MA