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Mini-Split Heating & Cooling


  • Tired of the oil truck appearing every other week in the winter?
  • Annoyed when you have to turn on the traditional heat those chilly October mornings, knowing it’s going to hit 70 degrees in the afternoon?
  • Exasperated wrestling with window air conditioning units twice a year?

Say “hello” to Clean Energy’s mini-split heating and cooling option. These systems go by many names – mini-split, ductless heating and cooling, air source heat pump, space heating, etc. Whatever you call them, the benefits are clear: planet-friendly heating and cooling with one unit, reduced energy costs — up to 40%, and a more comfortable home.

Install one or more units in conjunction with your solar electric system for sun-powered heating and cooling. Guilt-free air-conditioning, anyone?

Click here to read our newsletter describing what mini-splits look like and how they work, and click here for FAQ on how you can turn your non-living room into a living room again!