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Higest Rated Clean Energy Company

new england clean energy commercial solar installation

Solar. With us, it’s personal.

We can give you personal attention because we only take on as many projects as we can comfortably handle. Controlled growth is key to sustainable business and we’re in this for the long term as clean energy company.

We’re not a Big Box solar store, installing cookie-cutter systems at a rapid rate. Each system is custom designed and installed with the utmost care.

We care about our reputation. And that’s good for your business.

We say what we do, and do what we say.

Words to live by at Clean Energy company. Reliable. Dependable. Highly trained and certified. Award-winning customer service. More customer reviews on independent website Solar Reviews than any other New England installer.

If you demand the best, and if you care how your solar looks as well as how it works, choose New England Clean Energy.

Easy money.

Benefiting from solar is easy, even though some solar companies make it seem complicated. Sure, there are permitting, inspection and utility hoops to jump through. But that’s our job.

What’s your job? Investing a few weeks over the course of a year to get 20 years of positive ROI.

You’ll also need to secure financing (we’ll help), approve the system design, and write a few checks. And oh yeah, you’ll probably want someone to track your electric bill savings and solar income.


It may be somewhat biased, but take a moment to check out the reasons why we think we’re the best installer in New England. Hopefully, it’s a useful review of some of the things worth considering when you pick an installer.

Dr.-Weitzman-crop“New England Clean Energy was absolutely A+ in terms of communication, installation, crews, cleanliness, courtesy, and management. We were busy running the hospital during the installation, animals constantly coming and going, and the crew was very considerate of that.”

—Dr. Andy Weitzman, Acorn Animal Hospital, Franklin, MA