It seems like yesterday we were proudly announcing we had surpassed 100 consumer reviews on independent website Solar Reviews. Now, we have more than 150 reviews. Whether that seems like a little or a lot depends on your perspective, so let me give you mine:

The 150 customers equals 30% of our 500 customers. That’s huge. Anyone who dabbles or pedals in direct mail, market research — anything that relies on individuals responding to your call for action — knows that a 30% return is phenomenal. The fact that so many people took the time to rate us, and that many of them also wrote positive comments, warms the cockles of my heart and reminds me why I love this business.icon_Pre-Screened no year

For more perspective, let me point out that this number of reviews puts New England Clean Energy fourth in the country for number of reviews, out of more than 3,000 installers. For a small regional player competing with big nationals, that makes me feel pretty good. Who’s ahead of us? Two New Mexico companies and one Utah installer. That means we’re #1 in the Northeast region.

Lest you think I’m only excited about the quantity of our reviews, I should add that our rating based on customer reviews is 4.88 out of 5.00 points. We work hard every day to maintain that high rating.

Thanks to each and every customer for taking time to post their view. And for inquiring minds, here is the actual 150th review, from a residential customer in Warren, Massachusetts:

Thank You Card Image_756x600“A great company to go solar with. New England Clean Energy communicates very well about the steps and cost to install residential solar. They made the process clear and understandable. I am proud of the system New England Clean Energy installed. The employees that I had contact with are all professional, trustworthy and hardworking. Accolades as it is an impressive company all around! (I also had a generator kit installed and as a project change it was easily accommodated.)”



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