New England Clean Energy has been the installer for many a Solarize and Solarize-like program, but we are particularly excited about working with the Solarize Medfield team to bring more clean energy — both solar electric (PV) systems, and solar heating and cooling systems — to this Boston suburb. It’s a community ripe for solar, with many owner-occupied homes and enough solar adoption that people in town are familiar with the concept, but not so many systems installed already that the market is “saturated”.

Solar Coach and Medfield Energy Committee member Marie Nolan offers this perspective: “The residential sector makes up 70% of Medfield’s total energy use, so there is an opportunity for significant energy savings if many homeowners participate. We have 39 residential solar arrays in Medfield. With the Solarize Medfield program it would be great if we could have 30 more or even double the existing systems, so we could reach tier 5 and get the best price for everyone.”

For those who don’t know how a Solarize program works, it offers homeowners and businesses the opportunity to have solar energy systems installed on their properties at discounted prices. As more people sign up and new tiers are reached (there are 5 total), the discounts become greater. Everyone in the program gets the final discount, regardless of when in the program they sign up. Solarize Massachusetts is co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (Mass CEC) and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources.

Solarize takes an already-sweet deal and makes it even sweeter. Even without Solarize discounts, solar in Massachusetts continues to be an amazing deal for homeowners and small businesses. Federal and state tax credits, net metering, and the green income generated by “SRECs” make solar extremely economical, and financing such as the Mass Solar Loan makes it easy to own your system without a large upfront investment.

Another reason for our excitement is the strong local support of solar and renewable energy. The town Energy and Facilities Manager Andrew Seaman says: “Medfield has been very active in using renewable energy to reduce town costs and help our environment. Solarize Medfield, with its tiered pricing structure that offers increased savings for everyone as more people sign up, was a natural step to allow more people in town to participate and benefit from solar.”

For more information, visit the Solarize Medfield website.



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