The New York Times has a great new quiz to help you gauge the impact of drinking bottled water. It’s quick, it’s fun, and it’s important, so I encourage you to take it.



(Image from the New York Times)


The quiz got me thinking about “garbage patches” or “gyres” — something I haven’t done in a while. I decided to Google the latest images on these oceanic trash dumps, and what I found was pretty discouraging. If you’re not familiar with garbage patches, look at these photos of the trash collecting in our oceans.

This is how the University of Washington’s Sustainability blog describes the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: “Imagine a floating mass of plastic twice the size of Texas spanning thousands of miles in the open ocean. Now realize that actually exists. Located between Hawaii and California and stretching all the way to Japan…”

If you drink bottled water on a regular basis, please make the connection between that habit, the need for energy conservation, and the impact on our marine environment. Thanks.

(I found these photos by Googling. Thanks to all the concerned bloggers and scientists who posted them.)



















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