Independent website and solar resource Solar Reviews released a list of the Top 100 Solar Installers with the Most Customer Reviews last night. The big news in our neck of the woods?

New England Clean Energy has more positive consumer reviews than any company in the Northeast, and all but two solar installers in the country. I added the “positive” which wasn’t part of Solar Reviews’ announcement, because a lot of positive reviews is even better than a lot of reviews, to state the obvious. Our consumer rating, which fluctuates a little with every new review, is 4.90 as of this writing.

solar reviews top 100 most reviewedThe David and Goliath aspect of this news also excites me. The #1 and #2 companies — Auric Solar of Utah and Positive Energy Solar of New Mexico — appear to be much bigger than little ol’ New England Clean Energy. According to their websites, Auric has 150 employees compared to our 40; and Positive Energy Solar has 4 offices and 1,500 installations compared to our 1 office and 750 installations.

the little solar company that couldSo we’re a bit like the Little Engine That Could. We’ve been chugging along for 10 years and plan to continue chugging along for decades. Our focus will remain delighting our customers, which will hopefully keep us at the top of the Solar Reviews list.



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