Last week, I posted about my belief that solar is now mainstream in the popular consciousness, at least in New England and other parts of the country where the solar energy market is well established.

Yesterday, we had another example supporting that theory. A gentleman called us to ask for a solar quote for his home, even though he had no intention of installing a system. What??? you ask. So did we.

Turns out he was preparing to put his house on the market and knew he had a good solar roof, so he wanted to use that potential as a selling point to attract potential buyers.

clean energy house with sold signNow increasingly, in recent years, I’ve seen home shoppers specifically look for houses with solar already installed because they want the electricity savings, green income and environmental feel-good factor that come with solar.

Increasingly, I’ve seen people preparing to build homes ask what they need to know to make their new construction solar-friendly. (I’ve even blogged about that one, here.)

And increasingly, we help our customers get maximum value for their homes when it’s time for them to sell.

But this was a new twist. People are starting to think about how solar can work for everyone, even if it’s not them personally. And they are recognizing solar’s impact not only on electric bills but on property values and home sales and re-sales. That’s really encouraging, and proof in my mind that solar is now, firmly, part of the American conversation.

Anti-solar federal and state policies may slow the momentum, but they’ll never kill it. The people have tasted the power of making their own power, and we’re not going back.

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