I’m not going to lie, investing in solar is a big deal and it makes some people nervous. What if it doesn’t pay for itself? What if my system doesn’t produce the energy I expected?

Rest assured solar from New England Clean Energy is risk-free. Our 20-year Workmanship Warranty and Performance Warranty, along with equipment warranties from the manufacturers, give you peace of mind that you’ll get what you paid for. How many other products come with that kind of guarantee? Not many.

But I understand if you’d rather hear this from someone other than me. How about professional football champion Nate Solder? In Episode 3 of our Solder on Solar video series, Nate – a solar owner and New England Clean Energy customer — explains why he is so confident in his solar investment. In this 47-second video, he talks about his personal experience and the returns his system is providing.
So, please, don’t take it from me. Listen to him.


Take it From Nate

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