With the start of the NFL football season just shy of two months away, we’re rolling out two more episodes of our Solder on Solar video series.

The solar market is saturated with installers, making it difficult to know which one to pick. In Episode 4 of Solder on Solar, Nate explains how he made his choice, and why he chose New England Clean Energy over national giant Solar City.

If you haven’t started looking at installers yet because you’re hesitant about the big investment, check out Episode 5. Nate explains why going green with New England Clean Energy means guaranteed savings and no risk.

And be sure to stay tuned for the final episode, streaming soon on a device near you. Sneak peek: It’s a funny one, about football superstitions and the last Super Bowl. Click here and subscribe via the pop-up if you want to be notified when that episode airs.

Choosing an Installer


Guaranteed Savings


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