nate solder solarIf you’ve been following our Solder on Solar video series, you know it’s a bunch of short messages from New England Patriot Nate Solder about solar energy: why he had New England Clean Energy install a system on his home, what he looked for in a solar company, and why he thinks solar is important.

But the final, “bonus” episode in our series isn’t about solar at all. While taping the videos, we chatted with Nate about his team’s dramatic comeback in the championship game against Atlanta. We were talking about how fans reacted during the comeback based on our own experiences and stories we’ve heard.

Nate shared a funny story he heard about a woman who had just picked up a bag of potato chips when the Pats started their comeback. She held onto the bag for the entire rest of the game – the 4th quarter and the overtime – without opening it or eating any of the chips, because she didn’t want to jinx the game.

Click below to watch the video, and contact us if you want to go solar like Nate. Don’t forget to tell us Nate sent you – if you do, and if you sign up for solar, we’ll donate $500 to a cancer research organization near and dear to Nate’s heart.

Champion Chips


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