clean energy One of the things that people in the solar industry like to joke about is we’re all taking a ride on the “Solar Coaster”. Meaning, it is a very up and down business as public opinion and policies sometimes change at an alarming rate.  But the truth is we know it is the same for all of you. Changing opinions and policy can have a real impact on how you feel about solar – even if you’re already one of the leaders.

But if we all step back and think about what we are all seeing worldwide on the energy front  – and I hope you have all noticed it too –the cause for clean energy continues despite some serious potential headwinds.

Here are just a few items I’ve spotted of late:

Solar Panel Installer Fastest Growing Job Title in Eight States – and not all of them are the places you’d think. Plus, Wind Turbine Service Techs lead in four others.

Your UPS deliveries may soon arrive in electric trucks – Companies of all types and sizes are increasingly electrifying and turning to clean energy sources, UPS being just one of what seems like thousands.

Shenzhen China just made all its buses electric, and taxis are next – One of the most polluted cities on the planet electrifies over 16,000 buses, so the US doesn’t have to do this alone.

Mass Renewable Energy Act Gains Majority Support in Both House and Senate – A bill in the Mass state legislature to transition Massachusetts to 100% renewable energy by 2045 seems to have gained majority favor.

And of course there is the conversation starting impetus of the Green New Deal.

In short, clean energy is in the news everywhere. So we take that to mean this change to clean energy is coming and as noted has become unstoppable. It isn’t going to be easy (it hasn’t been so far), but it will happen and those that move now will be part of the solution.