customer's perspectiveLast year we were awarded the 2018 “Best of The Best” National Award for solar installers and it really covered a good deal of what I would agree make us special, different and yes better. But as you may agree, it is best to look at one’s own business from a customer’s perspective, because that’s all that ultimately matters.

To get at the heart of it I like to look at what the “experts” say on how a prospective buyer should evaluate a solar installer – or any contractor for that matter. As an example, “This Old House” offers a list here. Or, if you’re partial to a list that is more specific to solar, EnergySage has a list of their own here. There are lots of examples out on the web.

How do we hold up to those criteria? Well, the first item on most lists is to get recommendations – friends, family, building inspectors. Fact is we have hundreds of positive reviews on the web, plus even a few recommendations from customers that are actual building inspectors. We’re not perfect, but it’s a long list of real and generally positive customer reviews. Plus, as I like to say, I never worry about running into a customer at the grocery store.

Second they suggest you look for companies that specialize in projects like yours; similar size, do they help with financing, will they share a list of previous clients?  Again, home or small business owner solar is what NE Clean Energy is all about and we have examples of our work in our on-line showroom anyone can easily review (see our Residential​ as well as Commercial example projects). Our Solar Consultants are also happy to provide direct references if you prefer.

Other suggested checklist items are to meet face to face, get it in writing, check on years in business, or even does a potential installer have a permanent place of business.I think we check all the boxes.

But the one item we didn’t see was how much information your installer provided. Meaning, will your installer truly explain EVERYTHING to you and to your satisfaction? We think that is a key item and one where our customers consistently give us praise. After all, solar is complex and new to most people. It’s also a long term product. Based on our reviews you’ll see that is a very common theme. Yes, we leave a very super clean job site – but we also explain the entire process and how solar and all its incentives right up front. Plus, we’ll stand behind it, covering our work with an unmatched workmanship and power production warranty.

So if you are in the market for solar – or know anyone that is considering it – be sure to mention that picking the best installer is the result of many things, but chief among them might be the installer that teaches you the most about what is best for their system and their home or business.


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