municipal_utility_solar_incentiveDo you live in a town that is serviced by a municipal electric company? Did you think the new state solar program for solar incentives (called SMART) wouldn’t apply to you?


At the end of last year the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) announced a new solar investment grant program just for municipal utilities. Under the program, your town’s utility can opt into a new program that could pay you as much as $1.20 per watt for your system. For a typical system that could be as much as $8,400 in grant rebate solar incentive money for your new system.

The catch? Your utility has to opt in and they control both the total amount of the grant you’ll get as well as many of the requirements. But if they do opt in, the DOER matches the funds the utility makes available. So for the award of $1.20 per watt, the town pays out $0.60 per watt and the DOER matches it with another $0.60 to get to the full $1.20.

The program is now slated to start June 1, 2019 and it will only last until either the funds are all expended or June 30, 2020. Now it is time to act!

You can find the current list of participating utilities and the maximum rebate dollars available for each here.


First, if your town is on the list, give us a call first thing Monday to set up a solar visit to talk through your options! We will make the whole process as turnkey as possible. And more importantly, this is a first come first serve type program. When the funds for solar incentives are gone, they are gone so you want to be first in line if possible.

If your town utility is not on the list above contact them. Their job after all is to serve the needs of their constituents, so make your voice heard.

And last, if you want to learn a bit more on your own visit your utility website. In most cases you can find the details on their website. But note, we will help decipher the steps and make sure you get all the paperwork done. It’s what we do for all of our customers.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 978-56-SOLAR or email us at