9,125 Days of Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice)!

We know it’s a tad early, but are you looking for the perfect gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even the Winter Solstice?  

We know there are a lot of options, but how about a gift that will keep giving for 25 plus years (9,125 days), reduces your cost of electricity, reduces carbon emissions, and generally make you look smart and civic-minded all at the same time? 


Yes, how about the gift of solar! 

Because yes, installing solar in the winter does make sense. Here are a few reasons why.  

Reasons To Install Solar This Winter

For obvious reasons many people think that we don’t install solar during the winter. For one it can be very cold, there may be snow, and it is an outdoor project. But in reality, while we may move a bit slower in the winter, there are a lot of reasons we make it work. 

To begin, we can sweep snow off a roof when needed and it’s a whole lot less hot up on a roof than it is in the summer. Further, a good deal of the work is done inside. So while we may have a few days where working is hard or impossible we can normally work around the worst of the winter weather.

But more importantly, from your perspective the timing is excellent. For starters you’ll get into any applicable incentive program earlier than later; which is important because they all tend to be “first come first serve” affairs. Yes, most incentives won’t disappear entirely before next summer, but the award amounts could be a smaller.  

The other nice thing about getting started in the winter is that late March through the spring are some of the best production months of the year. The sun is strong and the temperatures are cool. As you may have read in one of my older blogs, solar panels like to be cool as heat tends to reduce their ability to generate electricity. Not that it won’t all balance out over your system’s 25 years plus life span, but people do like to start producing electricity at a higher rate when they are first getting started. 

And last, you’ll be working with us at a slightly slower time of year. That means a bit less time to wait on your project in many cases and like I said, we all move at a slightly less harried pace. We think everyone gets our best effort, but we also might have a bit more time to chat (particularly on the coldest of days).  

Solar for the Right Reason – The Future

So give us a call and get your project started today. At this point you won’t be installed by Christmas, but you can present the plans to your “gift-ee” tied up with a bow. 

What better present for someone than a better future?