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Energy Use as a Predictor of Bankruptcy?

March 31, 2011

Try this game. See if you can figure out what types of businesses will go away first as energy gets more and more expensive. The demise of Harry & David (You know, the company that packages up the best looking fruit and ships it all over the place for big bucks…) got me thinking that…  Read the entire post »

Our Energy Future?

March 28, 2011

Here is a comment from a recent post at “The Archdruid Report.” The comment, by Bill Pulliam, shows, I think, a deep understanding of our energy future. The real paradigm that needs shifting here is the idea that peak oil is a “problem” to be “solved.” Peak oil is no more a problem in search…  Read the entire post »

One Example of Why We are Addicted to Oil….

March 26, 2011

On or about January 7, 2011 my Solar Hot Water (SHW) system was activated. The system consists of three 4′ x 7′ flat-plate solar collectors and an electric backup, 120-gallon water storage tank with a single heat exchanger. The panels are located on the southwest roof of my home. The tank is in the basement.…  Read the entire post »

Replacing Nuclear Energy with Solar (or Wind) Energy?

March 18, 2011

I am in an unusual position. I actually know something about what’s going on in Japan at the Fukushima reactors. I have a BS and MS in Nuclear Engineering and, in a prior life, I worked as a Nuclear Engineer doing reactor physics calculations for some the nuclear power plants in the New England area.…  Read the entire post »