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Generac PWRcell

Solar using the Generac PWRcell+Battery system captures and stores electricity from solar panels and keeps your whole home powered by the sun, even when the grid goes down.

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PWRcell (pronounced Powercell) gives you backup during power outages and allows you to control your energy usage anytime to reduce utility costs. Here in New England, the number one reason to add a battery to your solar system is for backup power when the grid goes down. And stored power can also get you through anytime sunshine is not available, including nighttime or poor weather.

Whole house solar battery

Generac is the only battery that can provide backup power for your entire home with just one battery.

Built by Generac, the largest whole home backup generator manufacturer in the world, PWRcell is bigger than the competition, delivers more amps, and manages your power consumption better. You’ll be able to run larger loads like your water well, furnace, air conditioner, or sump pump when other battery systems cannot.

Other battery systems generally require you to choose what circuits you want to run on the battery during a blackout by putting them on a “sub-panel”. Unfortunately that means during a power outage anything not on your sub-panel goes out too. With Generac’s PWRcell that is not the case.

Generac PWRcell

Smarter recharging and monitoring

Generac PWRcell is an intelligent energy storage system.

Their smarter control system manages whether your power comes from the array or from storage. Other batteries may force you to run on 100% battery even when there’s bright sunshine outside in the days after an outage or weather event. So you won’t use battery storage when your array could keep the lights on all by itself.

PWRview App

PWRcell comes with the PWRview (pronounced Powerview) software system that lets you see your actual power usage in real time and change how your battery is functioning. Keep tabs on your energy consumption, monitor your battery usage, and track your savings!

You can avoid peak rates, lower energy bills and gain more independence from the grid. Set it for zero export in anticipation of a possible power outage. Or change to self-supply mode so you send less of your solar’s power back to the grid.