Re-Thinking if Your Roof Works for Solar

Falling panel prices mean roofs that didn’t work for solar a year or two ago may work today.

If a solar company (including us!) told you before that your roof doesn’t work, try again.

For example, a partly shaded, east-facing roof with a steep pitch probably won’t work, but a partly shaded, east-facing roof with a low pitch could.

Iffy roofs can be tricky to evaluate. Luckily, we have tools for that!  Fill out the form for a free evaluation.

Learn if your roof is good for solar today.

“Thank you everyone at NE Clean Energy. You have all been amazing to work with and your customer service is cream of the crop! You guys have guided us every step of the way through the process and made it very easy to get the system up and running. We will recommend you to EVERYONE who is looking to go solar.”

– Bill Adamson, Ayer, MA