Location: Townsend,

Watts: 10,440

Monthly Production: 780 kWh

Date: January 2018

Most home improvements you invest in never truly pay for themselves, financially anyway. A new kitchen or patio may provide years of enjoyment and happiness, which is great, but they don’t actually deliver money. Solar is different.

With solar, the savings on your electric bill plus green income pay you back for the system itself, and then give you years of free electricity. In the case of this home, the owners will recoup every penny they spent in about 7 years. (The payback varies based on a number of factors – our proposal for you will detail your financials including the payback period.)

On top of that huge financial benefit, solar too gives you years of enjoyment and happiness, as long as you enjoy making your own energy, seeing low to no electric bills, and making the world a better place.

And so far, we’d say this customer is happy, based on this review he posted on SolarReviews.com:

“Great solar company to work with! All of the people at New England Clean Energy were very knowledgeable and professional.They walked me through every step of the process and made sure everything went smoothly even with a very hard to work with utility company who did their best to discourage and derail the project. Nothing but good things to say about the company and work.”