Location: Ashland, Massachusetts

Watts: 5,850

Monthly Production: 533 kWh

Date: May 2018

This homeowner has a relatively low electric bill — $95 a month. So when he installed a solar energy system from New England Clean Energy, his electric bill savings and his “green income” easily covered that $95 bill. Plus he produces more solar than he uses, and gets credit for the rest from Eversource. All in all, after paying his monthly electric bill, he has an extra $134 in his pocket, every month.

If he had opted for a solar loan to finance his project, the monthly loan payment to the bank would have cut into that profit, leaving him with a $27 monthly expense versus the $95 he was paying. When the loan was paid off, he would have gotten the full $134 every month.

The customer had this to say about working with us on his solar project, as posted on SolarReviews:

“Process was simple, no pressure. They handled all the paperwork and permitting, nice and smooth. Panels produced more than projected for the summer! Hoping for continued sunny weather! Beware, tracking solar output is addictive! Quick responses to questions post-installation.”