Location: Lowell, Massachusetts

Watts: 5,900

Monthly Production: 552 kWh

Date: August 2018

Got a dormer breaking up your roof? No worries, we work around dormers all the time, as we did for this solar energy system!

Speaking of breaking up, isn’t it time to break up with your utility? This family has reduced their monthly electricity expense from $128 to $69, even when you factor in their new solar loan payments. How is this possible?

Before solar, they paid on average $128 a month for electricity. Now, they pay virtually nothing for electricity – and in fact they earn a monthly credit of $8, plus they earn $91 a month in SREC green income. Take the $99 in credits/income out of their $168 monthly loan payment and their new monthly expense is $69. That’s $59 less than they used to pay, for the same amount of electricity and doing some good in the world.