Location: Warren, Massachusetts

Watts: 9,660

Monthly Production: 1025 kWh

Date: May 2017

We’ll let the homeowner describe his experience going solar and working with us:

“Great experience, great results. New England Clean Energy began installation as soon after the winter as possible. Their employees worked in some pretty miserable, wet, windy and cold conditions, in addition to dealing with some high ground water issues (we have an on-the-ground installation) and New England rocky ground. They kept us abreast of their progress and were always cheerful, professional and polite.

“Our salesperson Ben Fitzer was similarly responsive, knowledgeable and informative, and he helped us to select the best system for our needs.

“Tracy Cournoyer was helpful and kept us on track with documents and the few other things that we had to take care of ourselves.

“The installation is attractive and well-located.

“From start to finish we’ve been pleased and would certainly recommend New England Clean Energy.”

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