Location: Carlisle, Massachusetts

Watts: 16,080

Monthly Production: 1595 kWh

Date: January 2018

It’s easy to help the Earth when it saves you money too. This solar energy system offsets 29,800 pounds of CO2 per year, which is like planting almost 11 acres of trees! In 5 years it will have paid for itself and after that, it’s decades of free electricity.

Here’s what the customer said about his solar on SolarReviews:

“Outstanding sales process, installation and service. The sales team at New England Clean Energy had deep knowledge and was both consultative and kind throughout the process. They did a terrific job at educating us and designing a system that achieved our objectives. Then came the team that completed the installation–they deserve an A+. The installation is very tight to the roof and looks great. All of the interior work looks like it was done by a real pro; no half measures or cut corners. We’ve been up and running for a little over two months and were delighted that our 48 SunPower panels produced over 1,300 kWh in February…enough to power our entire house and two plug-in cars. As you can tell, we like these guys a lot and are recommending them to friends.”