Location: Wrentham, Massachusetts

Watts: 11,160

Monthly Production: 810 kWh

Date: April 2018

Some roofs are hard to install on, and hard to photograph. In this case, we managed the installation just fine — six panels on one side, as seen in the photos, and 25 panels on the other side. The roof pitch is steep enough that panels on both sides actually works. We couldn’t get a decent photo of the other side, but trust us, the panels are there, and cranking out about $170 worth of electricity per month.

The homeowner posted these comments about the financial case for going solar on SolarReviews.com:

“While solar panels are not inexpensive, when one analyzes the reimbursement programs that are available, the actual cost over time to purchase the panels is considerably less than their original cost and installation of the panels. In my case, the actual cost of the panels over 10 years is less than 30% of the original cost when one factors in all the reimbursements that are involved. It is great to go out most of the year and check the electric meter and note that more power was generated than consumed (Spring, Summer, and Fall months).”