Location: Bolton, Massachusetts

Watts: 8,970

Monthly Production: 490 kWh

Date: September 2016

This Bolton, MA customer is guaranteed to make the amount of solar kilowatt-hours of electricity we predict per year, or we’ll pay him back for any difference. Our industry-leading warranty package is one of the things that sets us apart from other installers. This homeowner added a solar battery in 2019.

This is what the customer says in his review from February 2020, years after the installation:

“I can’t praise the folks at NECN enough – right from the start, they were helpful, professional and clearly committed to the ideas of a cleaner source of electricity. I was also impressed that they were very clear about the cost and conservative about the likely time to recover the cost. Two years after installing the solar panels, we asked them to quote a battery install so that we can manage the fairly frequent outages we get here without using a noisy, dirty generator — the installation was completed on time and the result looks fantastic and works amazingly well. In addition, Mark told us about the National Grid “Connected Solutions” program where they pay us to supply power from the battery to the grid when demand is high which is another great program. We chose to have solar installed because it’s just the right thing to do – but it doesn’t hurt that we’ve recouped 35% of the cost in just over three years! (which puts us in line to recover the complete cost 5 years faster than we originally thought).”