Location: Walpole, Massachusetts

Watts: 6,500

Monthly Production: 417 kWh

Date: July 2018

Sometimes it’s hard to know which financial benefit of solar to highlight, so here are a bunch of them for this 20-panel system, which doesn’t even have a spectacular roof for solar:

  • 1st year electricity savings: $1,100
  • 25 years of electricity savings: $45,192 (assumes electricity inflates at 4.3% annually)
  • Price of electricity per kWh: $0.05 compared to the $0.22 the homeowner was paying Eversource
  • 10 years of SREC green income: $8,380
  • Break-even (when the system has paid for itself): 6.3 years
  • Net financial benefit (electricity savings + green income – system cost) over 25 years: $40,180

And that is why solar has become the new energy standard!

The homeowner said this about solar and New England Clean Energy on independent website SolarReviews:

“Can’t say enough about New England Clean Energy. I’m extremely happy I decided to work with this company. The entire staff is friendly and professional and they did an outstanding job installing the system and explaining each step along the way. Smooth process form start to finish. I recommend this company to anyone who is interested in solar.”