Location: Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Watts: 11,772

Monthly Production: 1030 kWh

Date: December 2016

These homeowners modified their Cape style home to include passive and active solar energy systems. The row of windows in the first photo collects sunlight and heat in the winter, and keeps heat out in the summer.

On the roof is the active solar energy system we installed. Solar panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity for use in the home. In addition to the 20 panels you see on the home, 16 panels were installed on the garage roof.

The homeowner posted this comment on SolarReviews:

“The Gronk of Solar Companies: In 2015 I started to research companies that provided full turnkey installations of solar. The company I kept coming back to was NE Clean Energy. That year Rick Lamothe came out and did a complete site analysis. He explained in detail what steps would be taken to ensure that the install would would meet my approval. Finally a year later I called Rick to get the ball rolling. Special thanks to Tracy Cournoyer for everything you did to get me through the Redtape Phase. The process of the installation was something I don’t normally see anymore, very professional, courteous and very conscientious workers. The system has produced more electricity than what was estimated which is always a good thing.”