Location: Narragansett, Rhode Island

Watts: 10,440

Monthly Production: 987 kWh

Date: August 2017

“Smooth and Easy Installation” — that’s how this homeowner described his solar experience with New England Clean Energy, on independent website Solar Reviews.

He went on to say: “Installation was at a second home, and I was not able to be there most of the time – gave NE Clean Energy the key and they performed the installation exactly as intended. Selected Clean Energy because they offer the longest parts and labor warranty of all companies submitting quotations.”

He also posted this review on the BBB website:

“Installation went very smoothly; there were no hidden costs, and all paperwork was completed seamlessly. The location was somewhat unusual, and the design fit very well with the architecture of the house. Also the SunPower panels were the highest rated ones available when I decided to go with Clean Energy. I highly recommend the company.”

Looking ahead, he should feel even better about his solar, because it will deliver $2,200 in first-year electricity savings, $67,000 in savings over 25 years (with inflation factored in), and $7,500 in “Renewable Energy Growth” payments from National Grid.