Location: Medfield, Massachusetts

Watts: 14,400

Monthly Production: 1323 kWh

Date: December 2016

This is a pretty big system, with 30 panels on one of the barn’s roofs, and 15 on the other. And we think it’s a beauty, not just for how it looks, but also what it does.

Solar makes this family about $3,500 worth of electricity a year, and over 25 years the savings will skyrocket to more than $128,000! (We assume electricity rates continue to rise, because when have they ever gone down?)

Looking at those 25 years, they are “paying themselves” $0.02 for each kilowatt-hour of electricity versus the $0.22 they were paying the electric company.

The customer posted this comment on SolarReviews:

“New England Clean Energy installed solar panels on our barn almost two years ago and we are so happy. It feels great to have no electric bills and the quarterly SREC checks have just been icing on the cake. The install went smoothly and New England Clean Energy was great to deal with the whole way.”