Location: Billerica, Massachusetts

Watts: 4,140

Monthly Production: 336 kWh

Date: July 2017

In general, the more solar your system produces, the faster it will pay for itself, leaving you with years more, possibly decades, of free electricity. This roof is 70% of ideal, which means it produces significantly less than an 85% or 90% roof. But panel prices have come down so much in recent years that even this 70% roof makes economic sense for the homeowner.

His solar will break even, or have paid for itself, in its tenth year. After that, electricity savings continue to accrue. By year 25, the homeowner will have saved/earned more than $23,000.

And that is why solar is the new energy standard.

The customer posted this comment on SolarReviews a year after turning on his system:

“Good work, good estimated return. New England Clean Energy estimated I’d generate 4,000 kWh in my first year of ownership. They were off by only 0.1%.”