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Mass Solar Loan

New England Clean Energy supports the Mass Solar Loan and is here to help you see if you qualify.

The Mass Solar Loan is the perfect program for income-qualified residents looking to go solar in the most cost effective way possible (that is, looking for the closest thing possible to free solar panels).

Depending on your income level based on your household size you can qualify for a 10% or even 30% buy-down of the total project financed amount. The money is paid by the MassCEC directly to your lender, immediately reducing your loan principle. Better still, prospective buyers may be eligible for a 1.5% interest rate buy down.

While that’s not free solar panels in the strictest sense of the term, it virtually guarantees that if you have a good solar roof you will pay less for electricity even after factoring the monthly cost of your loan. And once the loan is paid off your electricity is essentially free.

Plus, you may still qualify for other solar investment benefits, such as the SMART program and the federal and state Investment Tax Credits.

Working with the Mass Solar Loan and New England Clean Energy offers you:

  • A lower interest rate on your loan
  • A state-funded “buy down” that could be worth thousands of dollars (capped at $10,500)
  • The confidence you’re going solar with the highest rated solar installer in New England
  • Monthly savings on your electricity bill for years and years to come (potentially reducing it nearly zero)

Applying for the Mass Solar Loan with New England Clean Energy is straightforward:

  1. Ask New England Clean Energy for a solar assessment of your home and we’ll put together your free proposal.
  2. Sign an agreement with us, which we then submit to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC). The CEC sends you and us a Technical Confirmation once they have approved your project.
  3. Apply for the Mass Solar Loan with the Mass Solar Loan banking partner of your choice.

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Is it your turn to go solar and join the thousands of New England homeowners and businesses already saving with their own clean energy? Contact us today to see what solar can do for you.

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