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Services We Offer

Whether we installed your solar electricity system, or someone else did, New England Clean Energy is here to provide the solar repair or tune-up services you may need. 

These include:

Annual Tune-up  

The annual tune-up will keep your solar array running efficiently, which maximizes its power production and extends the life of your equipment .

Safety Inspection  

Solar Service

Our technicians will conduct a safety inspection of the array, inverter, and electrical panel (and battery if applicable) based on manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practices.

Two Levels of Inspection are Available 

A Basic System Inspection with one technician who will inspect from the ground. Or our Advanced Inspection with two technicians so they can get up on the roof.  Also optionally add a Battery Inspection to either plan.

Discount on Service Work  

All Labor, parts and materials that are normally included with the tune-up are free with your annual plan. But other service-related parts and labor will be discounted 10%. (The discount does not apply to a full system replacement, array extensions, or adding a battery.)  

Priority Service  

Your work will be scheduled as a leading priority.

A Trusted Professional on Your Home Service Team  

Your technician is not only trained to care for your equipment, but also, he/she is trained to care for you and your home. The comfort and safety of our solar customers is a top priority.  


If you ever sell your home your Annual Solar Service Program can be transferred to the buyer of the home (Contact us for details on the transfer the process).


Note: All solar service work is performed during normal business hours on regular business days. Service is not available in the evenings, overnight or weekends. 

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