Shift Your Electricity Budget and Save

The days of being stuck with your utility are over. You finally have a choice.  Instead of feeling trapped by the utility’s ever-rising rates you can take power into your own hands.

Don’t spend more. Spend smarter.

Going solar doesn’t require an investment of “new” money. You can simply shift part of your current electricity budget to solar and start saving — right away and for decades to come.

You’ll get the same amount of reliable electricity for a lot less, while also doing right by the planet and future generations.

To help you get started, we’ve created a FREE downloadable eBook. In it, you’ll learn how you can start saving with the sun with a simple shift of your current electricity budget.



Download Solar: A Better Use of Your Electric Budget

No One Ever Regrets Going Solar. They Only Regret Not Going Solar Sooner.

Home with solarOver 25 years, a typical system could save you an average of $43,000, and that’s not counting any extra green income you’ll receive.

And, unlike the utility, the sun never raises its rates. It’s no wonder that more than a million Americans have already gone solar — tens of thousands of them right here in New England. It’s become the new energy standard because it’s a simple, practical way to get better energy for less.


“Best decision I have ever made. I was very skeptical at the time of signing the contract. New England Clean Energy did a fantastic job with the install and their estimates on what I would save were very conservative. My actual out of pocket toward my energy loan was $350 for the entire year. My electric bill for 7 months of the year was no more than $12 a month.”

– Ross Farrugia | Foster, RI