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Generac PWRcell Integrated Components

Product Ecosystem

Generac’s system is fully integrated, meaning the PWRcell system includes all the major components of an array except the solar panels. Generac’s PWRcell (pronounced Powercell) is the only solar battery system that can power an entire home with just one battery cabinet.

Rather than piecing together multiple company’s products, everything in the PWRcell system is manufactured by Generac—the experts who understand whole home power backup better than anyone else. The key components include the inverter, optimizers, and of course the battery system and its related software application PWRview. As anyone that knows solar will tell you, it’s the electronics and not the panels that are most apt to give you a problem. 

Always available support

You can be confident that if you ever have a problem Generac will be ready to help. They offer a 24x7x365 customer support line and there will be just one company to call.