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Solar Panels for Your Home or Business in MA, NH, RI, and ME

Understanding Solar Panels

New England Clean Energy has been providing solar panel installation and solar system design since 2006. We have installed thousands of solar systems on homes and businesses that save our customers money and reduce their carbon footprint. Are you ready to do the same?

For most people, the key concern about going solar is the cost. But the best way to think about the cost of solar is simply a reallocation of the money they are already spending on electricity. Instead of paying the utility, pay for your system, avoid future utility price increases, and help save the planet too. And once your system is paid off the electricity it produces will be free. 

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Understanding solar is also pretty easy. There are four key components that you’ll want to consider:

solar panel installation - oneYour Solar Panels

The most obvious component of your new solar system will be the panels. New England Clean Energy offers a full range of panels and at any one time we can offer you two or three choices that we have selected as the best options for quality, price, and warranty. The list includes panels from companies like LG, Panasonic, and Q-Cell to name just a few. The one thing to remember is that panels have no moving parts and as such, they rarely break (except when hit by something like a baseball!). The power rating and warranty are the key differences between them. 

solar panel installation - twoSolar Inverter & Storage

The heart of any solar system is the Inverter. There are offerings from Enphase, SolarEdge, SMA, and our favorite Generac. If you also want backup power during a power outage or to shift your sunlight-produced electricity to the night you’ll also want to consider a battery. Again, our favorite is from Generac and their Powercell system. But as the heart of your system, you’ll want to consider your Inverter (and if applicable battery) choice most closely because it is where the DC power generated by your panels is converted to the AC power used by your home. 

solar panel installation - threeSolar Monitoring

Once you choose the Inverter and battery you want for your home or business you’ll want a way to monitor how it is doing. Some of your inverter choices will come with a relatively simple monitoring system that will measure how much your system is producing. Others will help you monitor not only where your power is coming from (your array or the grid), but also what systems in your home are using it. After all, it’s great to create clean solar power but it’s even better to learn how to use it most efficiently.


Solar Services

Last, once your system is installed you’ll want to make sure you can get it serviced. That’s one of the reasons we like Generac’s PowerCell, but we also stand behind the systems we install with an unmatched service team to deliver on it. Yes, solar is extremely reliable, but the occasional squirrel attack or system glitch can mean a service call is necessary. Your system will benefit from picking a company that is focused on being here for the long haul.


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IMG_1223_800x600_qwr“I looked around at various companies, and am very glad to say New England Clean Energy did an outstanding job, and I am convinced I made a very good choice. You always have some apprehension making such an important decision, but this company from the sales presentation to installation was simply the best. These guys know what they are doing plain and simple! If you’re thinking solar, you must talk to them.”

—Robert Quadagno of Worcester, MA