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PWRCell vs Tesla Powerwall

Solar Battery Comparison

Here in New England, the number one reason to add a battery to your solar system is backup power for when the grid goes down. After all, the number of grid outages over the last 10 years has increased over 14% (and that trend only seems to be gaining steam). 

We recommend the Generac PWRcell, over the perhaps better known Tesla Powerwall. The chart below will help you understand why we believe that the Generac Powercell is a better long-term solution for our customers.

Comparison: Generac PWRcell versus the Tesla Powerwall:

Capability/FeatureGenerac PWRcellTesla PowerwallKey Notes
Useable Capacity18 kWh13.5 kWhPWRcell not only has more power, but it’s modular design makes it scalable and easy to upgrade when needed
Peak Current50 Amps32 AmpsPeak current is what allows a battery to power heavy loads, like a water pump, septic system, or AC
Maximum Continuous Power9 kW5 kWMore continuous power means running more loads at the same time
Round-Trip Charging Efficiency96.5%92.5%Charging efficiency measures how much power is lost during the charging and discharging of power from the battery
Whole Home Backup with a Single Battery CabinetYesNoPWRcell is designed to power an entire home; you would need multiple Powerwalls to handle the same load
Whole Home Load ManagementYesNoGenerac adopted their ‘Load Management System’ from their traditional generators. This allows users to power what they need most and avoid working with a limiting sub panel setup
Warranty10 Years10 YearsThe batteries inside each cabinet use the same lithium ion chemistry
Born in New EnglandYesNoGenerac was first developed by Pika Energy in Portland Maine and the PWRcell research and development arm of Generac is still based there

About Generac

Generac’s size and financial strength, together with its technology make it the undisputed leader in whole home backup power systems.

Generac has been in business since 1959 and is the largest whole home backup generator manufacturer in the world, boasting 80% market share and over 2.2 million customers. Their PWRcell whole house solar battery system was first developed by a startup company in Maine