Location: Sudbury, Massachusetts

Watts: 4,425

Monthly Production: 355 kWh

Date: July 2018

We tend to talk about solar in decades, because that’s how long a system lasts. But what about the impact on a monthly basis, since that’s when we all pay our bills and that’s how many of us manage our budgets?

Well, this homeowner was paying Eversource around $90 a month for electricity. With solar, she essentially zeroes out her electric bill, and makes around $60 in monthly green income. So instead of paying $90 a month, she’s saving/earning $150 while making her own clean energy!

This is the customer’s review that she left on Google and BBB 7 months after she went solar:

“New England Clean Energy installed our solar panels in July 2018. I appreciated their informative and no-pressure sales tactics (especially compared to a couple other companies we had contacted for estimates.) They were very good at keeping us informed about all the steps of the planning and permitting process. When the installation happened, I was incredibly impressed by how well they managed to customize the installation to fit all the quirks of our older home — the inverter is hidden in a formerly-useless exterior cupboard, the panels are mounted on a rack system because of our widely-spaced metal roof trusses, and the electrical connections worked out beautifully in a very cramped space. New England Clean Energy was also so on-the-ball with the utility company that I was able to switch the system on within a few days of installation — this was a full month ahead of my coworker whose own solar installation by a different company had happened at the same time. So far, I’ve been getting the amount of electricity produced that I expected, and am very happy with the system, and would highly recommend New England Clean Energy.”