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Enphase IQ Battery

Enphase IQ Battery – Big Benefits in a Small Package

Enphase is one of the biggest names in solar and one of the first companies to offer microinverters. They’ve now put their market-leading IQ8 microinverter into a battery cabinet (that uses the well-regarded Lithium iron phosphate chemistry) to deliver sun shifting and grid backup capacity to a typical residential solar array.

Enphase Technology Inside Offers Sizing Options

By using their own microinverters the Enphase IQ Batteries are highly modular, which makes it easy to install more than one – right at the start or at a later date.  And depending on where you live, the IQ 3 could be all the backup capacity you need. It can run your refrigerator, phone charger, a few lights, a WiFi router, a computer and your TV for about 7 hours. The less you run, the longer it will last. Or, if you need more, install the 10 or even a 10 and a 3 together for more power to keep you going for a longer period of time.

Both batteries also come in two different form factors, which may be a benefit if your installation space is limited. Better still, the Iron phosphate technology that their battery uses is considered by many to be safer than other technologies. It’s an important difference for many people considering the pros and cons of a battery option.

Pair It with Your Gas-powered Generator

And unlike most other solar systems, the Enphase IQ battery can be easily operated with a traditional generator. It is compatible with most of the top generator brands, including Kohler, Generac, and Cummins. Most other Solar Batteries either can’t be paired with a traditional generator or require a specific type. If you’ve experienced the drone of a generator running for more than a day, it’s a feature that could literally help you sleep better at night.


Enphase IQ Battery Comparison

Some of the Enphase IQ basic specifications. Buy one or the other, or one of each for a larger, longer-lasting system.

Capability/Feature Enphase IQ Battery 10 Enphase IQ Battery 3.5 Key Notes
Useable Capacity 10.08 kWh 3.26 kWh Install one or the other or one of each to get sizing that is right for you.
Peak Current 24.6 Amps 8.2 Amps Peak current is what allows a battery to power heavy loads, like a water pump, septic system, or AC
Maximum Continuous Power 3.84 kW 1.28 kW More continuous power means running more loads at the same time
Round-Trip Charging Efficiency 96% 96% Charging efficiency measures how much power is lost during the charging and discharging of power from the battery
Backup with a Single Battery Cabinet Yes Yes Backup mode is supported, but kW hour capacity and peak current limits the supported duration.
Generator support Yes Yes Connecting solar systems with a generator can be tricky. With Enphase you can pair your battery with most of the top generator brands. .
Warranty 10 Years, 4000 cycles, minimum of 70% of capacity 10 Years, 4000 cycles, minimum of 70% of capacity The batteries inside each cabinet use the same Cobalt-free lithium iron phosphate chemistry
Battery Chemistry Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Chemistry for maximum safety and longevity