If you run a manufacturing operation and someone said you could power 80% of your manufacturing, warehousing, and administrative operations with energy you produced on-site, would you listen? If someone said, here’s an easy way to introduce a new revenue stream and increase your profits, and oh by the way, it’s green, would you sit up and take notice? And, the icing on the cake, if that person told you that you could get these benefits with no upfront investment, would you be running to the nearest solar company?

The president of plastics manufacturer Alpha Rho thinks you should. As David Tall says in our new case study, “When you consider the benefits I’m getting with no upfront investment, you have to wonder why every business isn’t installing solar.” Read the Alpha Rho case study here for more on how solar delivers “phenomenal” ROI, low cost of ownership, and a significant impact on bottom line profitability.

alpha rho solar system

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