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Solar installations that are well-designed, and expertly planned for your home or business from a local solar company, with highly-trained solar experts. Solar panels, including a Generac PWRcell whole house solar battery system, increase your home’s value while reducing your carbon footprint.

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2,000+ Solar Installations since 2006

We’re proud of the solar systems we’ve installed across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine. Read what our customers say about working with us.

“Installation done on schedule and on budget. No mess no fuss. System works great. Been up and running for almost two years now and love the system and the lack of electric bills.

—Karen of Newton, NH

“Installation went very smoothly; there were no hidden costs, and all paperwork was completed seamlessly. I highly recommend the company.

—Ken of Narragansett, RI

“Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Very happy with their professional and clean installation and still happy with the outcome and my decision after 4 years!

—Bijan of Lexington, MA

Which solar installer do I choose?

As New England’s highest rated solar installer, we want you to feel educated about your solar purchase, not pressured. It’s an approach that has earned us numerous customer service awards and hundreds of 5-star solar panel installation reviews.

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Come join the solar revolution and work for the installer with the Highest Customer Satisfaction in the region. Employee satisfaction is a priority for us, and it shows: 90% of our employees rate their relationships with their co-workers as awesome or really good, and 80% say they like or even love working here. Our office environment is informal and collaborative, while our systems and approach are professional and organized. Best of all, we leave work every night knowing we made a difference in the world.

solar company solar panels MA NH RI

Solar panel installation in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine

Unlike other solar panel companies, our company was founded by local people. And more than 15 years later, we’re still local. We know how to design the best solar panel installations and clean energy systems for New England’s unique climate and geography. Want to know if we serve your town? Use the solar cost tool to find out!

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Is Solar Worth It? Understanding solar panel costs

To find out the value of going solar, you need to understand the costs of solar panel and battery installation and the cost savings of reducing (or eliminating) your electric bills. You may be able to reduce up-front costs or improve your investment over time by using rebate programs or tax credits. And don’t forget you are increasing the value of your home by adding solar.

We’ve put together this free ebook to share our years of experience and help demystify solar panel prices and inform your decision on whether solar installation is right for your home or business.

Is Solar Worth It? Understanding Solar

Mark Durrenberger

Will using solar panels and batteries help to reduce my carbon footprint?

Using solar panels and solar batteries, you will be producing your own non-polluting power instead of relying on power from the power utilities, where energy can be generated by green-house gas producing sources.

The average New England solar system offsets 9,606 lbs of CO2 per year… That’s equivalent to the annual carbon-sequestering power of 50 trees!

Get answers to your solar questions from our founder Mark Durrenberger — aka “The Energy Miser.”

Solar panels for your home, garage, barn, lawn or business

Your solar system is going to be part of your home for decades. We’ll ensure the solar installation looks great and the panels and battery are built to last.

Solar Energy FAQs

Q: What are solar energy pros and cons?

A: When considering solar energy pros and cons, it’s worth mentioning that it took four decades for America to install a million solar systems but just three years to install the second. And from here on out almost every projection is that solar growth will only pick up the pace. With that in mind it is hard to conceive of anything particularly negative about solar. Yes, politics will on occasion play havoc with the process, but how we generate electricity is definitely changing. Plus, solar is simply good for the planet, job creation, and in particular your pocketbook. Solar, in short, is here to stay.

Q: What is involved in a typical solar panel installation?

A: Solar electric installations are quite simple – that’s part of their beauty and why they are virtually maintenance-free. (Click here to see photos of typical installations.) At its most basic level a system is composed of racking (for mounting the panels on), the panels, wiring, and an inverter for changing the direct-current (DC) electricity the panels generate to alternating-current (AC) electricity used in your house and on the grid. It’s more complex than that of course, but like we said conceptually simple. If you’d like more details, check out our video series on going solar here. (These include some specifics for Massachusetts,  but the basics are relevant to our whole service area – and in fact – everywhere.)

Q: How long does it take to get solar?

A: Our typical installation time-line is two to three months, but it can vary a lot due to the many different variables. The actual installation time, that is while we are at your home, is quick; generally just a few days. However, the big time variable is all the necessary paperwork and approvals.  That’s because your local electrical and building inspectors are involved, as is your utility, and is also the state and to some degree even the federal government. Plus, every system is slightly different and our approach is to buy materials and build specific to your project’s plan. It is not a cookie-cutter process. In short, there are many pieces to bring together. But don’t worry, we will handle the entire process and keep you apprised of the timing of each step as your project progresses.


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