Location: Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Watts: 17,160

Monthly Production: 1540 kWh

Date: July 2019

This 52-solar panel system is designed to generate 19,691 kWh per year, which is 108% of the homeowner’s annual electricity usage. It is bringing the homeowner a lot of value by locking in an implied electric rate of $0.05 kWh. The homeowner is using a solar loan to pay for his system and his Net Financial Benefit is about $180 K over 25 years.

This is how customer reviewed us on the independent website SolarReviews 7 months after his solar system went live:

“NECE was recommended by a friend who had used their services. After reviewing their competitors, I chose NECE as well. Roy provided clear and concise information and answered all of my questions. What I liked most is that he was not a typical pushy salesperson.”