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why a solar electric system

Solar Electric System

Perkins CEO Michael Ames knew that installing a solar electric system on the nonprofit agency’s Janeway Education Center would “green” their brand, underscore their commitment to innovation and the environment, and make the non-profit more appealing to stakeholders including donors, all while drastically reducing their electricity budget. Read the case study.

why a solar electric system. alpha rho logo

Solar Electric System

David Tall, President of Alpha Rho, makes business decisions based on cost-benefit analysis, improving efficiency, and balancing those financial considerations with the company’s commitment to the environment and social issues. These principles are critical to the success of his plastic-box manufacturing business, which his father fabricated from the ground-up fifty years ago. Read the case study.

why a solar electric system. mass audubon

Solar Electric System

Mass Audubon’s decision to install solar energy systems at its 20 staffed wildlife sanctuaries was driven in part by the educational opportunities and environmental benefits presented by renewable energy. But as a non-profit largely dependent on donations, membership fees and earned income, stabilizing operating expenses and locking in energy prices were major drivers, too. Read the case study.

why a solar electric system. WHT_GreenBackgroundx440c1

Solar Electric System

Expansive solar arrays catch the eye as you approach Woods Hill Table in Concord, MA, neatly expressing the philosophy of the restaurant’s owners, who embrace high standards for fresh food, green energy, and sustainable practices. The solar energy systems, designed and installed by New England Clean Energy, are taking a big bite out of energy expenses at the restaurant. Read the case study.

why a solar electric system. Goulds

Solar Electric System

Solar energy is a perfect fit at Gould’s Clothing and retail plaza in Acton, MA. In 2012, a 230- panel system was turned on at the 78,000-square-foot commercial property. As the four-year anniversary approaches, the solar numbers are unfolding as planned: The system will have paid for itself in full, after which the owners will enjoy decades of electricity savings. Read the case study.

why a solar electric system. acornartcolor

Solar Electric System

Acorn Animal Hospital in Franklin, MA, soaks up so much sun that a standard air-conditioning system couldn’t cool the building bought by Dr. Andy Weitzman in 1994. HVAC repair crews hated servicing the ventilation equipment located in the 130-degree attic. The 25 employees sweated their way through the day. How did Weitzman solve the problem? Read the case study.

 Nature's Classroom logo_partial

5 Solar Electric Systems and a Wind Turbine

At Nature’s Classroom in Charlton, MA, the move to renewable energy was an easy and logical one.  Five solar energy systems and a wind turbine, all but one designed and installed by New England Clean Energy, provide cost savings and align perfectly with the non-profit environmental educational organization’s mission: to teach and practice sustainable environmental habits. Read the case study.

 holiday farm

Solar Electric System

Berlin, MA shop-owner, farmer and artist Suzanna Roberts is an architect by training, whose thesis was on self-sustaining neighborhoods. So “when it came time to build my parents’ new house, there was no question it would be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly,” she says. Read the case study.

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