Location: Grafton, Massachusetts

Watts: 11,880

Monthly Production: 1317 kWh

Date: April 2018

Our estimate for this solar energy project said the family’s roof, which is 95% of an ideal roof, could produce enough electricity to cover all of their needs, and that their high electric rate of $0.21 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) from National Grid would be lowered to $0.02 per kWh on average over 25 years. Sometimes those long-term projections can be hard to fathom, but numbers like the ones below, which were sent to us in an email from the customer, aren’t hard to understand at all:

“We just got our latest bill today, and we had the air conditioner cranking full blast this past month. To our pleasant surprise, our bill was only $8.29 for 17 kWh. Last year we used around 520 kWh. SOLAR works!”