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Solar Repair and Solar Services

Solar Services

Whether or not we installed your solar electricity system, we can provide solar repair or service a variety of solar-related needs.

These include:

  • Solar Repair: Solar electric systems are generally maintenance-free, but of course repairs are sometimes needed. We replace inverters and panels, fix wiring, remedy storm or critter damage, etc.
  • Pest Deterrent: Deter squirrels and chipmunks from nesting under your panels with this preventative measure.
  • Snow Guards: We can install snow guards to slow the heavy sheets of snow that slide off your roof with a loud whoosh and thump.
  • System Relocation: We can remove/store/re-install your system while you re-roof, or move it to your new home.
  • System Inspection & Appraisal: If you’re selling your home, or buying a house with solar, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection to confirm your system is operating at maximum capacity. We’ll provide a detailed analysis of the system’s worth including estimated production and savings. For solar owners selling their homes, we’ll throw in tools and tips to help you get maximum value for your solar.
  • Solar Tune-Up: Curious if your solar energy system is performing at its best? We’ll conduct a complete inspection and provide a new shade analysis report with tree-trimming recommendations.