Location: Acton, Massachusetts

System Size: 43 kW

Date: February 2012

This 230-panel solar electric array on Gould’s retail plaza is saving the Gould family proprietors around $10,000 a year in electricity costs, and earning around $15,000 a year in solar credit income. Co-owner Lester Gould explains why he went solar in 2012:

“While we’re excited to go solar because we believe in using renewable resources, it was the rebates and tax credits provided by the state and federal governments that made it work for us. I’m surprised more retail centers like ours are not thinking solar. It’s probably because they charge back electricity costs to their tenants, so they’re not invested in the cost-savings. But if they realized they could generate income with SREC’s, they would be running to the closest solar company.”

How about today? This 2016 update from Lester says it all: “After four years, solar is proving to be a great investment. The kwh have exceeded estimates. The system is attractive and has a positive PR impact. New England Clean Energy is a very professional local company that offers great support. We are very happy we made this decision.” 

Read the full Gould’s case study here.