Location: Lancaster, Massachusetts

System Size: 115.8 kW

Monthly Production: 12895 kWh

Date: November 2016

Why did nonprofit human services agency Perkins install 354 solar panels on its classroom building?  Perkins’ Chief Executive Officer Michael Ames explains it better than we could:

“We are thrilled with the way this project has turned out. Thanks to New England Clean Energy’s engineering and design, the panels fit in perfectly with the architecture of the Janeway Education Center. To have such a good looking installation while also projecting savings of over $580,000 over the next 25 years and having a positive impact on our environment is a big win for Perkins. Together with energy from a community solar project, 90% of Perkins electricity needs will soon be produced by the sun, saving us an average of over $80,0000 annually over the next 25 years!”

To learn more about the Perkins project, as well as solar for nonprofits, read our blog article or watch this time lapse video of the installation. And to see why New England Clean Energy is the installer of choice when aesthetics matter, enjoy the photos above.