How much has the new fire code reduced the size of the solar arrays you’ve deployed or are deploying?

We are collecting data from you to document the impact of the fire code on the deployment of solar panels on roofs and will use this data to work with the Department of Fire Services (DFS) and the Board of Building Regulations and Standards (BBRS) to adapt the code to both meet their safety needs and our customers generation needs.

To date we have a limited dataset collected from a few solar installers and we want to expand that set to a statistically valid sample size. Specifically, we are looking for a count, by project,  of how many panels you’ve had to reduce array sizes. Many of you have had to redesign arrays as building and fire departments began enforcing the code. And in anticipation of enforcement, you’ve likely started to reduce the sizes of your arrays. How many panels have you had to reduce your systems by?solar fire code

The data is being collected by Mark Durrenberger at New England Clean Energy. Please share with him via email at

For Massachusetts systems you’ve had to redesign:
A list of systems showing original panel count and revised panel count.

For Massachusetts systems you are designing: 
A list of systems showing how many panels you can fit and how many panels you actually sold.

Please include deals you lost because the customer opted out (because the system was too small). 

Do not share town data, pricing, or revenue impact. For the sake of this data collection, we’ll assume 400-watt panels. But if you want to include panel wattage, please do.