solar_power_wolrd_logoI don’t brag about our accomplishments very much or very often. But recently, New England Clean Energy was ranked the third largest rooftop solar installer (based on kilowatts installed) in New England on Solar Power World‘s annual list of the Top 100 Rooftop Contractors, and 63rd among rooftop contractors in North America. More important than the number is the achievement represented by the number, ably put in context by Solar Power World‘s managing editor Kathie Zipp:

“The companies on this year’s list exude solar-business brilliance, and they deserve to be recognized not only for being great companies but also for how their work positively impacts the environment. No one can deny that local companies are supporting the growth of the solar industry and the economy as a whole. Our Top Solar Contractors are the face of the industry—meeting homeowners and business leaders on doorsteps every day.”

In short, New England Clean Energy, and the other solar companies on the list, are growing the economy, providing jobs, offering electricity consumers a choice about how they get their power, and helping the planet — the reason I started this company in the first place.

Also of note: The rooftop contractor ranking of 63 is up from 77 the previous year. For that, I partly have a burgeoning industry to thank. But I also have our employees to thank. Every single one of our 37 people plays a role in serving our customers. At the end of the day, it’s that customer satisfaction that makes us a great company.

National recognition is nice, but our focus always has been, and always will be, on serving customers here in Central New England. We’d rather do a fantastic job in a relatively small area than grow too fast and spread ourselves too thin as some installers have done. We have every intention of appearing on the Solar Power World list of Top Contractors for years to come.


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