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Solar Electric Systems

solar panels for house

Solar Panels for House

Solar Panels for House, also known as Solar electric systems are becoming the new energy standard for good reasons. Solar is more affordable than ever and actually pays for itself over time, unlike any other home improvement project or purchase. Solar allows you to lock in lower electricity prices and protect yourself against rising utility rates. In addition to electric bill savings, you earn “green income” in some states.

Because the sun has no harmful emissions, solar is a clean, non-polluting energy source, and it’s renewable because the sun is expected to keep shining for a very long time.

Find out today how much you can save with solar panels for house on your roof or in your yard. We guarantee our workmanship, your system’s production, and your savings.

Solar Attic Fans

While we’re installing solar panels on your roof, why not have us install a solar-powered attic fan, too? These fans mount on your roof and turn on automatically at a certain temperature. They remove hot air from attics more aggressively than passive vents. And they reduce your home’s “cooling load” so your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard, saving you money.

Bottom line? A cooler, more comfortable house.

(Solar attic fans are only sold in conjunction with solar electric systems.)

What Solar Really Costs ebook

Download What Does Solar Really Cost ebook

Wondering what solar costs in your state? Our free ebook gives real pricing examples and explains how solar reduces your household budget.

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thermometer“Before installing the solar fan, my attic temperature often reached 140 degrees. Now, it rarely goes above 100, keeping the rest of the house cooler.”

—Joel Barshak of Bolton, MA